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Estate for Profit

Invest in income-producing real estate with us to earn at least 20% annually and get a payback period of 4.5-7 years!

We convert a large apartment into several smart rooms and let each for rent



The average annual profitability of the real estate market amounts to 6-8% resulting in a 12 to 15 year payback period. Regardless of low rates, many investors choose real estate as the safest asset. We have implemented a model that allows increasing profitability of this very same real estate by 2-3 times!

The idea is to purchase an apartment for its further redesign into several separate smart rooms of 12-20 m2. Each of them has its own kitchen, bathroom, shower, bed, TV, air-conditioning and each of these rooms is available for daily rent.

An enormous offer of residential real estate along with a continuously growing number of tourists creates an unlimited market for this business!

Key Factors:

  • Investments required to purchase and launch one object range from $40,000 to $150,000
  • One room with a separate kitchen, bathroom, and bed would require 25 to 12 (!) square meters
  • One room earns an average of $400-500 net a month after management fee
  • Annual profitability amounts to 15-22% and there is more to come! A payback period is 4.5 to 7 years!
  • We invest in this business ourselves. Our main objective is to find a partner we will be able to invest more with!
at least $40,000
15-20% annually
4.5-7 years


when purchasing large floor spaces
on repair works and materials
instead of long-term rent
due to design solutions
of each room
and marketing promotion


  1. Safety
    Investor holds title to the asset
  2. Low risks
    The safest asset
  3. Passivity
    Monthly income without direct participation
  4. Liquidity
    Can be sold as real estate or business
  5. Profitability
    15-20% annually with a payback period of 4.5-7 years

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Ready objects

86 m2 apartment

redesigned into 4 rooms

43 m2 apartment

redesigned into 3 rooms


August 2019
rooms in Ukraine
December 2019
rooms in Ukraine
December 2020
rooms in Ukraine
room in Europe

We are already investing our own money, have launched a number of objects and will be launching more. We would like to operate with hundreds rather than dozens of rooms not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe.

Let us join our efforts!

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Founder and CEO Estate4Profit

Serial entrepreneur: Vasha Shuba (Your Fur Coat) Retail Chain, Relaxa Equipment Importation and other projects.

Intelligent management
Deriving maximum profit
Quick start
Fond of cutting the ribbon
Procurement and monitoring
Sticking to high speed, low cost, and cheerful manner
Construction and repair
Third-generation intellectual
Interior design
Living in style is not a sin, even in a 12m room


  1. Purchasing an operating business

    We sell rooms already launched as a business earning 12 15% annually starting from the very first day of the deal!

  2. Creating a turnkey business

    We select an object, develop a design concept, perform turnkey replanning and repair work under our technical supervision, and take over its management.

  3. Becoming co-owners

    Our main goal is to increase purchases of our own new objects. For that, we need a powerful financial partner and/or co-owner of the new objects. In exchange, we will do everything faster, cheaper and more profitable for the partner. On top of that, we guarantee excellent future prospects.

Any other questions?

We discuss budget and cost estimates prior to starting any work. You have every right to audit all processes. All money spent is recorded in account forms and all receipts can be made available upon request.

Firstly, all apartments are available for rent on global marketplaces, such as Booking and Airbnb. You can keep track of calendars and have access to accounts. You can also ask your friends to be mystery evaluators. However, it is always easier to simply compare the income received with the sum you are expecting.

A launch bonus amounts to 12-20% of the entire cost of an object and includes: search for a real estate developer and object; choice of a floor plan; clarification of all technical and financial terms and conditions; development of a redesign concept, separation of wet areas and installation of electrical wiring; ergonomics of all functional areas; preparation of rough drawings for the investor, plumber, electrician and site supervisor. Communication with the site supervisor, purchasing agents and designer, record-keeping, monitoring of project progress at all stages, technical supervision in relation to planning and designer’s performance; interior design and decoration after repair, a professional photoshoot, creating Booking and Airbnb accounts, writing first customer reviews, first check-in and earning first money. All sums, including these bonuses, will be used to calculate your profitability. Your calculated profit is the sum you will receive net.

The cost of managing income-producing real estate amounts to 25% of all money earned, i.e. of the overall turnover. You will also make utility payments. You will incur no other expenses. In exchange, we take care of check-ins and checkouts, clean-ups, object promotion, room occupancy, maximizing an average ticket, small repairs and dozens of other operational tasks. If you purchase our ready object or if you are our financial partner and/or co-owner, you pay 15%. All sums, including management fees, will be used to calculate your profitability. Your calculated profit is the sum you will receive net.

The object belongs to you and you are the owner. Certainly, you may either replace the management company or take over management yourself at any time. We attract the investor by the quality of services rendered only.

Both management and launch have their own net cost. Please see the description of these processes in our responses above. All processes are performed by hired employees – our team. Moreover, please note that we do not just do basic repair, but perform major replanning and, as a result, create a business that operates entirely without your participation. It is a much more valuable service.

Right you are. You sure can. However, the great thing about it is that it can become not just another life activity of yours, but an entirely passive instrument. If you have plenty of spare time, you can actually do everything by yourself, but we really doubt that it will be better, faster or cheaper than with us. Of course, we do not make aircraft engines but believe us, this niche has a huge number of ins and outs that you will need to know before your real estate becomes truly profitable. In case you work actively and make excellent money, this asset, and this opportunity are a win for you. You receive 2-3 times higher return on investment with the same low real estate risks.

Yes, we can. However, we can only do it if you have a suitable floor plan and appropriate technical conditions (a possibility to separate bathrooms and wet areas and to install electrical wiring, sufficient power, etc.). In such a case, we discuss launch bonuses separately as the volume of works to be done in this case is generally lower than with a developer search and object purchase scenario.

Our main goal is to acquire ownership of similar assets rather than making a profit in management. This business is very capital intensive and we have realized that we are interested in external funds and long-term investments, soft loans or installment plans in order to be more efficient in achieving our goals. For this reason, we hunt for strategic partners who will be able to provide us with external funds and/or could become co-owners of new objects on win-win terms and conditions. Various scenarios are possible here. We can have a focused and detailed discussion on those upon your request. On our part, we give such a partner a major discount on the management fee (from 25% to 15%) and launch a bonus (up to 30% of the total sum), which obviously increases profitability. However, the main thing is not about the money itself, but about the prospects of mutually developing this business, which we consider to be absolutely impressive. We are ready to offer our partners the most exciting opportunities: the most successful objects found, the EU market prospects, new monetization models, a possibility to sell common property objects to third party investors, etc. If you are interested in this scenario, please submit the request by email or phone.

We are focused on Kyiv for now. In the future, we might create teams in other large cities in Ukraine. However, we see launching a similar business in an EU country as our next step. Given that mortgaging is very well established in the EU (making money “cheap and long-term”), we consider it to be a strategic destination.

Email or call us with a very brief description of who you are, which scenario you prefer, how much money you have for the first investment, as well as with your comments or questions.

Invest in income producing real estate with us to earn at least 20% annually and get a payback period of 4.5-7 years!